Blockchain, as it should be.

Blockchain holds the promise of a better way of living.
Direct digital ownership and autonomy, offering greater control and freedom.
But to be free, you need to feel safe.

That's why Webacy was created.

An infrastructure of Embedded Security

Web3 confidently

Webacy’s Risk Engine analyzes every address on-chain. Assess the risk of connecting wallets, real-time smart contract analysis, transaction scoring, and so much more, all at once.

Our APIs are your one-stop shop for coverage and protection.

Monitor universally

Webacy’s monitoring system is the industry’s fastest notification suite. Get SMS’s and/or emails of all inbound and outbound transactions, approvals, trades, bridge confirmations, and more, for both pending and confirmed states of transaction. Available multichain.

Act intelligently

The data you need to make informed decisions. The tools to make a difference. Webacy equips you with knowledge past, present, and future.

And if something does happen, you can now do something about it.

Leads to peace of mind, for everyone.

Consumer Direct

A suite of safety tools that enhance a user's on-chain experience.
Assess risk, monitor assets, act in case of an emergency.

Our user base's millions of monthly transactions powers and trains the Webacy Risk Engine with the most up-to-date blockchain data.

Consumers Everywhere

Webacy’s EmbeddedSafety APIs help you mitigate risk across your entire ecosystem. Transaction analysis, smart contract assessment, approval revoke, monitoring, user filtering, and so much more, all powered by Webacy.