Our team is built on diversity and pride in creating beautiful, elegant, and sensitive solutions that celebrates life in the most incredible ways. Our team comes from deep roots in Silicon Valley and also many other parts of the world - to create a product-focused team with an understanding of the diversity of cultures and perspectives on death around the world.


Maika Isogawa,

Former Cirque Du Soleil Acrobat and Stanford alum. Cybersecurity Engineer at Microsoft and development in fintech, security, and deep AI industries.

Vincent Chan,
Head of Engineering

Founding designer of TetraScience, CTO and co-founder of Acornpack, and builder of real estate technology companies SpaceList, Everyhome, and CityBldr.

Nora Kako,

Founder and lead designer at Flock Studio. A decade of brand and UX development for startups. Consultant for multiple crypto and web3 companies.

Wesley Deacon,
Growth Lead

KeyBank Capital Markets Internal Auditor turned crypto degen. Solidity engineer for NFT collecitons and ETH GPU mining farm operator. Ice Hockey goalie.


Josh Fraser & Matt Liu
Co-founders at Origin Protocol


Guillaume Mercier
Partner at BDC, Former CEO of Elysium project by Guy Laliberte

Mightiest mouse. Web3. Investor. Looking for the small and mighty

Mitch Lacsamana
Head Of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing at Metaverse HQ