Our team is built on diversity and pride in creating beautiful, elegant, and sensitive solutions.
We are a product-focused team that aims to create a safer digital identity.
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Josh Fraser & Matt Liu
Co-founders at Origin Protocol
Guillaume Mercier
Partner at BDC, Former CEO of Elysium project by Guy Laliberte
Mighty Mouse
Mightiest mouse. Web3. Investor. Looking for the small and mighty
Mitch Lacsamana
Cooper Kunz
Head of Decentralization at Aztec Labs. Prev CTO at Calaxy, early employee at Hedera Hashgraph.
Michael Mosier
Former Deputy Director & DIO at FinCEN, Former Chief Technical Counsel at Chainalysis
Eric Fang
Core contributor of Midcurve, Web3 Investor / Degenerate

Director of Vibes

Safety Council

Safety Ambassadors


Webacy began by exploring ways to protect blockchain-based assets with smart contracts. The team created infrastructure that could securely move assets in the event of an emergency, like death, all without the use of keys. With this foundation, Webacy began to expand into wallet safety, conditional-trigger products, and more. Today, Webacy has pioneered a platform for securing digital assets for the unexpected.