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Webacy is a security suite of non-custodial, no-access services built to improve safety on the blockchain.

Risk Score

Know your risk, secure your future. Protecting yourself and your assets starts with understanding your level of risk.

Powered by Webacy's proprietary algorithm, our Risk Score analyzes various blockchain signals, ingests multiple data aggregators, as well as incorporates multiple intelligent detection endpoints for a continuously evolving analysis. Risk Score gives you a live understanding of what level of risk you are exposed to for specifically wallet vulnerability to external hack vectors.The following key data points are included in determining your wallets' level of vulnerability:
  • Wallet age
  • Transactional activity
  • Approvals and approval history
  • Integrity of smart contracts you interact with regularly
  • Associated wallet risk (for example, if another wallet you interact with regularly becomes compromised, the system may flag those transactions as risky moving forward)
  • Publicly restricted wallet address lists
...and much, much more.
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Wallet Watch

You monitor your locks at home, your credit card charges, and even your physical wallet. What about your digital assets?

Wallet Watch notifies you of any inbound, outbound, or interactive activity taking place in your wallet. Notice something suspicious? With Webacy, you can act fast in case of malicious transactions, and stop a hack or wallet drain before it happens.Set up SMS and/or Email notifications to receive real-time alerts when any transaction occurs within your wallet(s) - wherever you are. Welcome to peace of mind.

Backup Wallet

A safe-haven for your digital assets.

A complement to Webacy's Wallet Watch, Backup Wallet is there to protect and hold your assets in the event that:
  • You get hacked 👾
  • You lose your seed phrase or private keys 🔑
  • You forgot your wallet login 🤔
  • You cannot access your main wallet ⛔️
  • You've had an ETH drainer hack on your wallet 💦
Backup Wallet allows a user to set another wallet (that they ideally own and operate, separate from their main one) as a backup. They create their own smart contract protection plan to approve assets within their main wallet to that backup wallet. If the day comes that they lose access, that backup wallet can log into Webacy and recover those assets from the main wallet.

Panic Button

Giving you an emergency exit strategy.

A one-click transfer of all of your protected assets to your Backup Wallet in the event that:
  • You suspect a vulnerability in your wallet 🙃
  • You receive a phishy-looking airdrop 🎣
  • You detect a suspect transaction 🕵️
  • Your wallet gets outright hacked 💰
Hit the Panic Button to instantly evacuate all of your assets to a safe place (i.e. a Backup Wallet of your choosing). The Panic Button connects seamlessly to our Backup Wallet product, allowing you to secure your remaining assets with a click of a button.

Crypto Will

Pass on your digital legacy on-chain for the ones you love.

Crypto Will is an inheritance technology to leave on-chain assets behind for beneficiaries. We've built an entirely on-chain, crypto native system to pass on your digital legacy when the time comes.

When a user originally sets up their Crypto Will, they will need to connect their wallet. The user will add beneficiaries by assigning beneficiary wallet addresses within their account. 

The user will then select which assets they would like to protect. A user can choose to protect all assets, or they can select just the ones that are most important. The user will need to decide which assets go to which beneficiary, in the case that they have listed multiple beneficiaries. 

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