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Take Control of Your Crypto

For individuals, Webacy is a security suite of non-custodial, no-access services built to improve safety on the blockchain.

For businesses, Webacy's APIs make adding a layer of safety easy and intentional.

Webacy Dapp

The Ultimate Crypto Safety Suite.
The Webacy Dapp is a suite of crypto safety tools built for the individual. Assess your risk with Risk Score. Monitor your wallets with Wallet Watch. Act in case of emergency with Panic Button and Crypto Will.

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DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

Widely regarded as SafetyScore+, DYOR allows users to find out SafetyScores on anything in Web3, not just wallets.
SafetyScore can now assess smart contracts, tokens, protocols, transactions, and of course, wallets.
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Embedded Safety APIs

Protect your platform and users against scams, hacks, and mistakes across the blockchain.

With over 15+ data providers, along with our own data analytics and algorithms, we have the broadest risk coverage across the blockchain ecosystem. From compliance and regulatory data, to social engineering scams and crowdsourced reports, we process millions of monthly signals, updating our models with the latest and most up-to-date information.

For detailed technical documentation, and to begin testing the APIs directly, contact us.

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