The Trust & SafetyScore™ For Everything in Web3

Wallets and EOA’s
Smart Contracts
Malicious URLs

An AI powered fuzzer, auditor, scanner, cybersecurity powerhouse of an API.

Use SafetyScore to inform your users of out-dated approvals that they have on their wallets.
Use the SafetyScore to block spam wallets from messaging your users.
Use the SafetyScore to prevent your users from swapping clone tokens.
Use the SafetyScore to build a profile of your user before they even interact with your products to see if they are solvent, or have a tendency to be financially irresponsible.
Use the SafetyScore to prevent a protocol from rugging its users by predicting financial failure.
Use the SafetyScore to prevent your users from using a compromised wallet to stake tokens (and lose them!)
Use SafetyScore to prevent users from off-ramping to criminal wallets.
Use SafetyScore to prevent users from on-ramping from tax-exposed wallets.

Get the Safety Read on Everything in Web3 using SafetyScore. Powered by Webacy Consumer, and Crowd AI.

Webacy’s army of hundreds of thousands of consumer users (with a broad spectrum of transactions both safe and unsafe) train our models to detect bad activity across every single entity in Web3.


Webacy scores every user. Constantly.

Every transaction, every transfer, every wallet. Scores are calculated against up to 27 different data sources and sources of truth on bad and good activity on Web3, giving us the most comprehensive view of what’s good and what’s bad in web3. This helps inform our API’s that help protect users across all contexts, including in transactions and overall protocols.