A safer web3 for everyone.

We believe technology should be used to make our lives safer and easier. Webacy develops non-custodial smart contracts and tools that secure your assets from loss, hacks, death, and more.
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Protect your entire digital legacy

Blockchain Native Assets

Webacy is a solution focused on securing your blockchain-based digital assets. This includes all ERC tokens (20, 721, 1155) with support coming for BTC, SOL, and other chains. Fully compatible with your hardware wallet and other non-custodial wallets.

Traditional Web Assets

Webacy also protects your Web2 digital assets. Store your files permanently with Shoebox, choose a plan for your social media accounts, designate an Inner Circle to carry out your wishes, and more.

What have you got to lose?

Enter your email and ENS to see what you have and how much you have at risk.

Meet the Grimmies

Grimmies are the protector of your web3 wallet. They also act as an access token for Webacy. Grimmie holders get special access, utility, and pricing privileges for life.
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Set Your Plans and Backups

Set your “beneficiaries” for your blockchain assets,
digital accounts, memories, and responsibilities. Also, make sure you never get locked out of your wallet again.

Don’t Panic!

In the event of a hack, security compromise, or concern of one - you can transfer your assets to a backup wallet immediately using Webacy.

Leave your Legacy

Store, sequence, and control how your final memories
are shared through Last Post and Shoebox.

Webacy x Charity

Various non-profits and charities will allow donations through crypto through our partnerships. You can choose to leave a donation of your crypto assets upon the event of your death.


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Complete digital asset protection:

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Full access to all of Webacy’s features

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All Webacy Life features
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