Webacy helps you navigate the Web3 world with services that help you stay safe. Assess your risk. Monitor your wallets. Act on threats.
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More chains to come. Webacy x Solana is currently accepting Waitlist Applications.

What Have You Got to Lose?

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Assess. Monitor. Act.

Webacy’s three-pronged approach allows you to be preventative and reactive while mitigating human error alongside external threats.


Webacy’s Wallet Safety Score can be utilized standalone in our dashboard, and is also embeddable across other dApps and wallets. See your wallet's vulnerabilities and be notified of an increased risk level or risky transaction. Our Risk Score uses a proprietary mix of data signals, custom lists, machine learning algorithms, and sophisticated cybersecurity AI.


Webacy’s Wallet Watch is the industry’s fastest notification service for as many wallets as you want. Get SMS’s and/or emails of all inbound and outbound transactions, approvals, trades, bridge confirmations, and more, for both pending and confirmed states of transaction.


Webacy’s Panic Button and Backup Wallet empowers you to set a recovery wallet in case of loss of access or wallet drainer hack. The Panic Button allows you to move assets in bulk to a safe wallet that you determine in the event of a compromised wallet. For whale customers: Webacy also has a self-administering Crypto Will that allows your assets to be transferred to beneficiaries upon death.

What Our Users Are Saying

No one wants to make the wrong move that might get them hacked. This feeling is mitigated by solutions like Webacy.
AJ Vaynerchuk
As a Web3 newbie, using Webacy to safeguard myself from rugs, drainers, & scams is a no brainer.
Webacy is the next innovation of web3 security.
Super passionate about the permission-less failsafe Webacy provides.
Webacy is bringing absolute peace of mind to Web3 users. It’s by far one of the solution that impressed me the most when it comes to mass adoption.
Without any impact on what Web3 stands for and believes in (freedom and decentralization), Webacy is the biggest help anyone could ask for in terms of safety and security
Getting drained is one of the most awful things I expierenced so far in Web3. It feels really personal. I never want want this to happen ever ever again! This is why I'm fuly bullish on Webacy!
Webacy keeps me safe on my journey exploring the web3 space
I'm sure everyone who has ever been drained has wished for a panic button to intervene immediately, preventing their assets from being drained out of their wallet!! 🙏💕🔒✅ The Webacy team is absolutely on fire and the product is super innovative and so much needed in this industry!!
Staying safe and secure in Web3 should be your number 1 priority! Webacy will help you achieve it and ensure you have peace of mind!

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