The protection layer for self-custody.

Webacy is a suite of tools that make self-custody secure and easy, no keys or seed phrases needed. Bring your own wallet, and get set up with our easy-to-use tools like a Backup Wallet, Panic Button, and Wallet Notifications.
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Protect your crypto footprint

Blockchain Native Assets

Webacy is a solution focused on securing your blockchain-based digital assets. This includes all ERC tokens (20, 721, 1155) with support coming for BTC, SOL, and other chains. Fully compatible with your hardware wallet and other non-custodial wallets.

Securing Self-Custody

Webacy integrates with your entire self-custody management system. Whether you have browser wallets, hardware wallets, cold wallets, vaults, or anything else, Webacy helps you manage and protect your assets all in one place.

What have you got to lose?

Enter your email and ENS to see what you have and how much you have at risk.


Get Notified

Start your security journey by setting up Wallet Watch. Get notified of any inbound and outbound activity across all your wallets via SMS & e-mail.

Set Your Backup Wallets

Easily set up a backup wallet in case you lose access to your original wallet. With Webacy, you can backup and protect as many wallets as you want. Also, make sure your assets are protected even after you’re gone with our Beneficiary feature.

Don’t Panic!

In the event of a hack, security compromise, or concern of one - you can transfer your assets to a backup wallet immediately using Webacy.


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Meet the Grimmies

Grimmies are the protector of your web3 wallet. They also act as an access token for Webacy. Grimmie holders get special access, utility, and pricing privileges for life.
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