The Web3 Security Layer for Self-Custody.

Wallet Watch by Webacy is the most trusted security layer for self-custody management featuring real time sms and e-mail alerts for all inbound and outbound wallet activity

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Security Through Transparency

Start by connecting a wallet

Self-Custody, All in One Place

Simply connect your wallet to prove that you own it. Wallet Watch is designed best for first party wallets for security, not observation.

  • Integrates with your entire self-custody management system, including browser wallets, hardware wallets, cold wallets, vaults, and more.
  • Fully Compatible: Works with all ERC tokens (20, 721, 1155), with support coming for BTC, SOL, and other chains.

Get Real-Time Notifications

You will always know what is happening with your assets, and you can have peace of mind knowing that Webacy is protecting your wallets.

  • Wallet Watch will notify you of any inbound and outbound activity across all your crypto wallets via SMS & e-mail.
  • Warns against fraudulent transactions, suspicious activity, and potential wallet hacks
Backup Wallet and Panic Button For Added Security

Protect Your Assets at the Press of a Button

With Webacy’s Panic Button, you can transfer your assets to a backup wallet immediately in the event of a hack, security compromise, or concern of one. You can have the confidence of knowing that your assets are always protected, even if the worst happens. Protecting your digital assets has never been easier.

What Our Users Say

No one wants to make the wrong move that might get them hacked. This feeling is mitigated by solutions like Webacy.
AJ Vaynerchuk
As a Web3 newbie, using Webacy to safeguard myself from rugs, drainers, & scams is a no brainer.
Super passionate about the permission-less failsafe Webacy provides.
Webacy is the next innovation of web3 security.


How does Wallet Watch work?


We first ask for you to verify that you own your own wallet (by connecting) and then we use powerful on-chain data sources to provide you with the quickest notifications about your wallet activity to your e-mail and/or SMS, whichever you choose!

Why do you ask for a wallet connection?


Simple: we want you to own your own wallets that you are setting up. We aren’t a service to help you keep tabs on others, just for yourself and other wallets that you own. There are no other permissions involved in this signature.

Why do you want my e-mail and phone number?


Our main goal is to connect web3 activity to forms of communication that you actually use on a daily basis. We only send you security notifications and messages about your wallet activity. You can unsubscribe or deactivate at any time. We will never sell your data.

What about Panic Button, Backup Wallet, and Crypto Will? What about those products?


Wallet Watch is the first step to all of Webacy’s products. Our philosophy is simple: you need to know what is going on in your wallets to be able to activate any safety products. Once you setup Wallet Watch, you’ll be prompted to set up other products when you have time. Keep in mind that Wallet Watch is the quickest setup, and the other products require a bit more time to decide on which assets to protect for Panic Button and Backup Wallet. Just signing up for Wallet Watch does NOT protect you in a phishing attack or a hack. Finalizing your asset protection for Panic Button and Backup Wallet will give you the best chance.

What Blockchains do you support?


Only Ethereum wallets and activity for now.

Have more questions? View our Docs or Join our Discord to get live support from a Webacy team member.