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Webacy is a security suite of non-custodial, no-access services built to improve safety on the blockchain.

Safety Score

Know your risk, secure your future. Protecting yourself and your assets starts with understanding your risk.

Powered by Webacy's proprietary algorithm, the Safety Score gives you a real-time understanding of your wallet risk and vulnerabilities to attack vectors. The following key data points are included in determining your wallets' level of vulnerability:

Learn More about our Risk Score here.
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Wallet Watch

You monitor your locks at home, your credit card charges, and even your physical wallet. What about your digital assets?

Wallet Watch notifies you of any inbound, outbound, or interactive activity taking place in your wallet. Notice something suspicious? Act fast with Webacy in case of malicious transactions and stop a hack or wallet drain before it happens. Set up SMS and/or Email notifications for real-time alerts when any transaction occurs within your wallet(s) - wherever you are.

Welcome to peace of mind.

Backup Wallet

A safe-haven for your digital assets, back door for lockouts. Backup Wallet is there to protect your assets in the event that:
  • You get hacked 👾
  • You lose your seed phrase or private keys 🔑
  • You forgot your wallet login 🤔
  • You cannot access your main wallet ⛔️
  • You've had an ETH drainer hack on your wallet 💦
Backup Wallet allows a user to set another wallet (that they ideally own and operate, separate from their main one) as a backup.

Learn more about the Backup Wallet.

Panic Button

Your emergency evacuation strategy. A one-click transfer of all of your protected assets to your Backup Wallet in the event that:
  • You suspect a vulnerability in your wallet 🙃
  • You receive a phishy-looking airdrop 🎣
  • You detect a suspect transaction 🕵️
  • Your wallet gets outright hacked 💰
Smash that Panic Button to instantly evacuate all of your assets to a safe place (i.e. a Backup Wallet of your choosing).

Learn more about the Panic Button.

Crypto Will

Pass on your digital legacy for the ones you love.

Webacy's Crypto Will is a decentralized inheritance technology to leave on-chain assets behind for beneficiaries. We've built an entirely on-chain, crypto native system to pass on your digital legacy when the time comes.

Learn more about the Crypto Will.

Webacy Rescue

Need to retrieve assets stuck in your crypto wallet? Salvage locked assets and take back your web3 identity.

Webacy Rescue begins with a consultation with one of our white-hat experts. This helps us understand your unique situation, what the vulnerability might be, and what assets you want to recover.

We develop a custom script to fit your needs using Flashbots and other frontrunning techniques to salvage your assets.
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Webacy Revoke

Review and asses your open approvals.

When you transact on chain, you often need to grant permission to other addresses to spend your token and NFTs. These allowances are often necessary, but can sometimes be overreaching, or even malicious.

Webacy Revoke is the industry's only revoke tool with associated risk.

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