How it works

How it works

Webacy helps you protect your digital legacy by allowing you to decide what you want to do with your digital life after you die. Your digital life encompasses your social media and your blockchain-based assets - and so much more. Our platform helps you clearly decide your preferences to preserve or to delete your content and your accounts. We’ll also help you carry out those directives. With your digital assets, we can help you decide your beneficiaries (or Inner Circle members, as we call them) and will help you transfer those assets in the event of death.

Create Your Webacy
What does your webacy look like?

We'll administer your preferences upon your death.

Reflection Chat
Store your Memories and Messages, Forever

Webacy Shoebox allows you to store your memories (photos and videos) and thoughts for the next generation.

Webacy Beyond

Webacy will enable your Shoebox to be incorporated into a digital Memorial or a more interactive Reflection (your conversational avatar) depending on your preferences.


Webacy will be a subscription product.

Our first 10,000 users access an early rate for life.

All Shoebox data will be preserved in alternate storage to ensure preservation for centuries to come.