What happens to your crypto when you die?

Webacy is the most automated, secure, and decentralized way to pre-approve your assets for transfer on your death. Plus, you get to pick a backup wallet in case you lose access.


Total Inheritance Managed (TIM) approved through Webacy

How it works

Webacy allows you to pick and choose tokens and NFT’s (only ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 at this time) that you want to transfer to a beneficiary in your Webacy Inner Circle or another wallet address.

You’re allowed to choose a portion or all of your tokens, and any or all of your NFT’s. You enter your beneficiary and backup wallets and you're good to go.

The pulse checker and dead man switch

Webacy operates on a pulse checker that monitors for send activity in your wallet. After a certain time of non-activity, you are required to sign a transaction to prove that you are still alive, and have access to your wallet. This can be done through our dApp, or on-chain, independently. This will prevent any transfers from happening before death or loss of access. We provide a notification service on chain and off chain to make sure you sign a transaction or complete a transaction when necessary. If you are indeed deceased, our dead man switch is triggered (after several attempts to notify you), and your beneficiaries will have the ability to claim your assets after a period of time.

Lasting long after

Webacy is designed to operate 100% on chain, which means that even in the unlikely situation that Webacy does not exist, your smart contracts, beneficiaries designations, and directives, are secure.

Unclaimed assets

Webacy will set up a community pool for unclaimed assets where all active and alive members will receive a yearly disbursement depending on how many assets were unclaimed that year. A portion of the assets in the community pool will be donated to charity.

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Why Webacy?

Webacy’s smart contracts are being developed under the Consensys Fuzzing framework and are currently scheduled to undergo manual security audits slated to be completed in 2022.

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You can use Webacy to set up a number of beneficiaries, create as many smart contract approvals as you’d like, and to revoke them at any time.

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The Webacy backup wallet function will operate the dead man switch upon confirmation by you that your wallet access has been lost. This functionality is provided as part of your membership with Webacy.

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Click here to learn more about how Webacy can secure your Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts for when the inevitable happens.

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The Future

Webacy is working on support for many more protocols, L1 and L2. Please stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter below, or by joining our Discord!